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Speak Easy – Preparing & delivering powerful, effective presentations



Product Description

41ajbAg9JfL[1]Speak Easy bookIn this popular book, Jock Elliott takes you through the process of preparation, development and delivery of your speech or presentation.

You only have one opportunity to deliver that engaging speech. Everyone is here, they’re all waiting with anticipation, they expect perfection.
Stand up and take a bow, they are going to love the content, delivery and timing. Jock Elliott, with 30 years experience in creating just that moment, brings you a brilliant guide to help create and deliver that great presentation of the spoken word.

In ‘techniques to become a powerful speaker’ there is a wealth of useful, proven techniques, designed to help you create the right impression.

Included in this book:
Getting Started, the basic principles, research and brainstorming, the elements and knowing your audience.
Preparation, the assembly of material, the structure and resources, controlling nerves, timing and rehearsal.
Advanced Techniques, questions and answers, use of humour, impromptu speaking and audio visual support.
Specialty Speeches, including weddings, contests, master of ceremonies and eulogies.