The delivery of the spoken word is daunting in itself. What if you could have a right hand man to help you deliver that all important speech, presentation or eulogy. My services include the following assistance and guidance services to help you.

  • Contract speechwriting. I can write your entire speech for you from scratch or edit and develop existing material. This includes consultation and follow-up coaching and direction if required. Working together, we can make your message memorable and on target.
  • Academic, technical and sales presentations. These presentations are vital professional and commercial tools and need to be focused, effective and aimed at the right audience.
  • Wedding Speeches, presentation speeches and eulogies. Important and personal speeches and toasts need to hit all the right buttons and express heartfelt thoughts with simplicity, clarity, conviction and control.

“The Journey”. How it took Jock 35 years to become an overnight success.  Lessons learnt from a unique career in public speaking from the earliest days to the World Championship of Public Speaking.  This keynote address is the story of one man’s quest after the World Championship of Public Speaking, told through some of the speeches that took him to the peak, including the record breaking six finals in the championships.   A story of persistence, growth, disappointment and triumph.

I’ve previously called this “On target”, but it has also been titled “Nuts and Bolts”.  The essentials in getting your message across.  This covers basic principles as I see them, based on a career in TMI and as a professional speaker, trainer and speechwriter.

There is more to speech than the opening, body and conclusion and I have arrived at certain conclusions about what the key elements of any presentation are.  I am often asked, “What is the secret of a good speech? And I answer, “Know what it is that you want to say and know who it is that you are saying it to.”  Easily said and in fact, easily done, but there are one or two other “secrets” that you might you might find useful.

Workshop “Leading from behind”. Leadership for those who don’t particularly want to be leaders;  with some insights into contest speaking and judging.

For most of us, the opportunity or indeed the wish to be a “leader” is not on our agenda.  However,  We are all committed to our work, family and pastimes and within those spheres, we want to be listened to and our efforts and ideas to be valued and even applauded and/or adopted and our input and advice sought as a matter of course.

We live in a fiercely competitive world and not all of the people we work with, play by the rules, or at least, not the rules as we understand them.  But there are rules, or frameworks of behaviour that we can use that conform to our own standards of ethical behaviour and still allow to win our own battles.

This workshop looks at some elements of leadership that may help make our lives easier.  For those who are more competitive by nature, Jock will give some insights into contest speaking from the point of view of both contestant and judge.

As a professional speechwriter, trainer in presentation skills and mentor for academic, sales, government and private clients, Jock is able to see to the core issues of presentations, identify the point being made (or more usually not) and help tailor it to suit the intended audience, achieving economy, clarity, direction and power.  This is a unique opportunity for participants to present all or part of their speeches and get a world class review and guidance.  Ideally, participants will forward their scripts to Jock in advance, identifying the issues that most concern them.  This may be a style or content issue or some particular stumbling block that is holding them back either/or in the speech itself or as a presenter.  A live audience will add reality to the experience.